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...there was a gentlelady who saw a need for children to have access to educational toys plus lessen the expense to parents and caregivers. And so arose the concept of renting educational toys on a rotational basis.

This kind lady's name was Wendy who was joined shortly by her daughter-in-law Jenny.  And so Childsplay Hire was born. 

Over the years, Childsplay Hire's educational toys developed into playground equipment, which brings us to more recent times. 

Upon Wendy's retirement, Sherrill joined her friend Jenny as co-owner and Childsplay Hire grew from strength to strength.  After Jenny relocated across the pond, Debi came on board with Sherrill and so continues the tradition of Childsplay Hire lovingly owned and run by a mother and daughter team.

Our greatest reward of all... seeing kiddies' faces light up in pure joy when we arrive with their playground units!