Childsplay Hire CC
CK 2002/027997/23  

Terms & Conditions:

Childsplay Hire CC (hereinafter referred to as the Lessor) offers playground equipment for hire to the Lessee.  The Lessee agrees to hire the playground equipment from Childsplay Hire CC for a minimum period of six months.  Rental fees are payable in advance on or before the 1st calendar day of each month during the tenure of the contractual agreement as consideration for the hire of the playground equipment specified.  A deposit equal to one month's rental is payable on or before delivery.  This deposit will only be refunded upon termination of the contractual agreement, after the following month end, provided the account is up to date and the playground equipment has been returned to the Lessor and inspected for damage.  A transportation fee will be charged on all deliveries and collections should the Lessee not elect to collect and return the playground equipment themselves to and from the premises of the Lessor.  The transportation fee is payable on or before the scheduled delivery or collection date.

One calendar month’s written notice is required prior to termination of the contractual agreement as the playground equipment is not automatically collected.  Should the Lessee wish to continue hiring their current playground equipment once their original six months is up, they may do so on a month to month basis.   In the event of change of playground equipment a new six month contract commences.  Should the Lessee wish to discontinue the contract within the six month period, their deposit will be forfeited and the full remaining balance of the contractual agreement is payable.

It is the Lessee’s responsibility to ensure that their property (i.e. area where the playground equipment is to be placed) is easily accessible on delivery and on collection.  Any costs incurred by the Lessor, its members or their employees to install or remove the playground equipment (e.g. crane hire, etc) at or from the premises due to obstacles such as high walls, electric fencing, etc (including overgrown shrubs and trees) will be for the Lessee’s account.  In the event of electric fencing a section would have to be temporarily removed for the duration of the delivery or collection.  Although utmost care will be taken when delivering or collecting the playground equipment, the Lessor and their employees will not be held responsible for any damages that might occur if the property is not easily accessible.

Should it be required within six months of the contractual agreement, the Lessor will be responsible for maintenance of the playground equipment.  After this period the Lessee will be responsible for a call-out fee, full cost of all maintenance including repair and replacement of missing or damaged parts (e.g. missing ground pegs, etc) and any further damage which, in the opinion of the Lessor, is as a direct result of negligence on the part of the Lessee (e.g. a net being damaged by a dog, etc).  The overhead bar supporting a tent on specified playground equipment must not be used for hanging from or climbing on. 

The Lessor will not be liable for any damages or injury incurred as a result of the use of the playground equipment. Should the playground equipment be used in a public place (i.e. residential estate or complex, restaurant, school, etc) the Lessee undertakes to insure themselves against any legalities concerning potential accidents or injuries.

The playground equipment may not be moved from the address registered in the contractual agreement without the express written permission of the Lessor. The equipment will at all times remain the property of the Lessor. In the event of malicious damage and/or theft of the playground equipment, the Lessee will be held responsible for the full replacement cost thereof.

In the event of the Lessee failing to make payments specified in the contractual agreement, the Lessor may without notice and without prejudice remove the playground equipment.  In such an event the Lessor may offset against outstanding rental due, the deposit and further take suitable action at the Lessee’s expense, to recover the balance of the rentals remaining unpaid in terms of the contractual agreement. 

The Lessee agrees to receive Statements and other correspondence via email.  Should the Lessee not have access to such facility, statements and other correspondence will be sent by ordinary mail.

The Lessor may, by prior arrangement with the Lessee, have reasonable access to the playground equipment.

Payment is to be made either via a Debit Order arranged directly by the Lessee with their financial institution or via EFT (preferred) to:
Childsplay Hire CC, Nedbank, Lourens Street, Somerset West, Cheque Account No. 1357001142, Branch Code: 198765.
Bank charges will be incurred by the Lessee for all cash deposits.

Interest will be charged on all overdue accounts in arrears strictly in excess of 30 days at a rate of 2% per month

The monthly rental price will be reviewed annually in accordance with the prime interest rate.
Terms and Conditions