"Play is a child's breath of life, it is as necessary to a child as his daily food.
To deny a child the right to play, is to deny him the right to live and grow."

Childsplay Hire started out as a family-run business in the late 1980's, and continues that tradition today.

We offer personal service and strive to assist you in making the best informed decision regarding rental of our
outdoor playground structures for your children's entertainment, with added benefit to their health and overall wellbeing.

Based in the Helderberg, we’ve provided entertainment to children at their homes, pre-schools, playgroups and
daycare centres as well as complexes, coffee shops, restaurants and nurseries for close on three decades. 

e wish your kiddies to experience the joy of imaginative play and adventures by playing on our jungle gyms
in the fresh outdoors, just as our very own children and grandchildren do.
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